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Devices using internet can cause big problems!

Before Starting this topic , I would like to show some images and you have to guess them , about what are these Picture showing to you.

Figure them out!

Your answer is 50% right. These are some kind of maps. But these maps are not captured from any game .

Today i am sharing some serious issue and problems with you.

These are global heat maps shared by Starva , a fitness social network that connects people who wear fitness devices. They released these global heat maps.

Accidentally they have revealed many military bases. And that could cause much higher risky situations for any country.

Almost ever person on earth do not wish to locate them like that. And many organisations can have issues with their location sharing like that.

Stay blessed . Please give us your comments about this topic.

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Muhammad Farhan Rafique

Muhammad Farhan Rafique

Muhammad Farhan rafique is the entrepreneur & upcoming motivational speaker. He completed his bachelor in computer science from virtual university of Pakistan.He is expert in affiliate marketing and doing business with many marketing firms.

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